Pivoting Gates for security

Our gates move vertically, quickly and quietly.


With conventional AC current these Gate systems will cycle indefinitely.


The Self Contained Gate system will cycle hundreds of times a day constantly being recharged by solar energy. Sun Power gates are not affected by power outages. They just keep on opening and closing due to a backup power supply,  while other gates need to be manually operated.


Sun Power gates do not need a level terrain. A gateway on a slope presents no problems. The bottom of the gate can be manufactured to match any terrain. (curbs, swales or sloped conditions) 6" of snow on the driveway won't stop a Sun Power gate from opening.


A Sun Power gate is installed in a matter of a few hours. And if you ever move location, you can actually take the gate with you, if you so choose.

Sun Power gates can be customized for multiple dwelling situations and Mini Storage operations so that individuals can enter on authorized basis only.


Sun Power gates come with several optional features such as automatic opening when exiting, closing after a set time limit, goose-neck controls on the outside of the gate for operation through a car window, etc.

From the simplest kind of gate design, to the most ornate creation, we can build a gate to suit your needs.