TruNav Navigator 8 Client Download

TruVision Navigator 8 Client Download link:


Nav Client for 8.0 SP2


Replace the existing TruNav Settings file that is by default located here:

C:\ProgramData\Interlogix\TruVision Navigator

with the settings.xml file below:




At the login prompt, under "Connection Details", this what you should see:

Installation Instructions for Client installation:

You should already have your login info for your Advantage TruNav account; if not, call the office to obtain. Your site administrator will need to approve your request.


  1. Download the TruNav Client file from the link above:
  2. Install as administrator on your PC (right click on mouse and select "install as administrator"
  3. Then replace the "settings.xml" file that is by default located here "C:\ProgramData\Interlogix\TruVision Navigator" with the "settings.xml" file available for download above.
  4. On the login screen under "connection Details" the URL should be:  "".
  5. The port should stay the same at 19738.
  6. Click the "test" button to the left and it should return "server found". If this is not the case, someting is not configured correctly, or there are connectivity issues.
  7. You should then be able to log  in with your your previously provided username and password, and your credentials should work.

TruNav Viewer Program for Video files

TruNav Viewer


Download this program file when you need to view exported video files.

TruNav App Download

Here is the link to find the TruVison app for Android or Apple


TruVision 3 Mobile app for phones and tablets